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Outreach Select Service

Long Flight? - Tired Feet? - Stuck in Your Hotel?

Maybe you are a tourist and feel run down from miles of walking around CHICAGO or a businessman with a long flight behind you and another to come soon.

 Massage is a great way to relieve those aches and pains of travel and tourism activities and leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for the remainder of your visit.

Think about having couples massage too and you can share the great feeling of a relaxing massage with a loved one.

Our out call service, outreach Select is designed to offer clients the privacy of massage treatment in their own room - either hotel or home.

 We pride ourselves in a very high quality massage and a high standard of customer service throughout our business.

Therapists can bring their massage table to your hotel or home and you can enjoy a fantastic relaxing massage in the comfort of your own hotel room!


Stressed? - Neck Pain? - Heavy Shoulders?

Removing muscular tension and relieving mental tension is one of the many benefits of receiving a professional therapeutic massage. Tension typically builds up through stress – wherever that comes from – including poor posture, repetitive activities, overreaching, stretching, athletics injuries, mental stress from business problems, family issues, health etc… stress is often evident in many areas of our lives; fortunately massage is great at treating all types of stress and helps to keep the body healthier and slimmer too!

Massage Therapy Styles

·         Deep Connective Tissue Massage is recommended for athletes, relieving deep muscle tension and stress (mental or physical) and for anyone who exercises strenuously.

·         Sports Massage

·         Hot Stone Therapy

·       Swedish massage stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time. It reduces stress.

·         Aromatherapy

·       Reflexology-feet, hands.

·          Couples Massage is probably the most popular of all the massage types on offer today.

·         Relaxation Massage

·       Four Hand Massage

·       Thai Massage



Our Mobile Massage Chicago out call services, therapeutic massage Chicago, and treatment are performed by professional licensed European Female and Male Massage therapists.


We can help to improve health conditions and treat symptoms such as;

·         Muscular Aches & Pains

·         Poor circulation

·         Rheumatic & Arthritic conditions

·         Back Pain

·         Stress, Anxiety & Tension

·         Insomnia

·         Depression



Traveling Massage Therapist   

  • Chicago Downtown Hotel/Home Massage
  • City / Suburb Massage
  • Hotel/Home (Mobile) Massage Anywhere

  Hours of Operation.

 Monday – Sunday 8 AM. To 11PM.

Call now to book an appointment.


$125/60 Min

  $175/90 Min

    $255/120 Min


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